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Pavilions & Selfie Spots

Explore the world and its many facets at our themed pavilions where you're guaranteed to be surprised and delighted at every corner. Shop in bustling bazaars, indulge in delicious delicacies, marvel at the immense talent on display and connect with cultures as you make your way across the world, one pavilion at a time. Don't forget to pose at our stunning Selfie Spots to capture your special moments in photographs you'll treasure forever.

Shop around the world

From Japanese Kabuki masks to Iranian carpets, shawls made from cashmere, calligraphy-inspired jewellery and frankincense and oud, not to mention honey and oils from all over, Global Village is a feast for all your senses.
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Where the world comes together

From bustling bazaars to breathtaking performances, unique cuisines and shopping options, the best of the world comes together at Global Village.

Selfie spots

Located near Gate of the World, this Selfie Spot is where many of our events and activations are celebrated. The perfect time for a stroll (and a picture!) is in the evening when the starlight arches create a spectacular backdrop for your selfies.

The majestic horse fountain is the ideal backdrop for photographs, and you can eat innovative street food and listen to live music being performed at the heart of the fountain.

A Kids' favourite, this colourful water play area will look magical on your Instagram account!