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The Ottoman Empire comes alive for you at the Turkey Pavilion where you can take a piece of the past with you as a keepsake including traditionally crafted ceramic, copper and porcelain works, calligraphy-inspired jewellery, Turkish carpets and handmade pottery designed for a discerning eye. Wander through the architectural splendour of Turkey’s famed landscapes including the majestic Hagia Sophia, the old Taksim market, historic Cappadoccia with its fairytale scenery and make the most of your trip to this pavilion where old meets new and an adventure is waiting for you at every corner.

  • Suggested duration: 1 Hour

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Anonymous 20 Dec 2022

Very nice

Gazala Parveen 04 Dec 2022

Love this pavilion ❤️

Muhammad naseer 20 Apr 2021

Good for household items

farah tayseer 10 Apr 2021

very nice interactions

Mahmoud Al keblawi 10 Apr 2021

كتير حلوة

Mohammad Kafri 10 Apr 2021

القرية التركيه رائعة بمنتجاتها ولكن عموم المنتجات ذات اسعار مرتفعه

Mohammad Karima 10 Apr 2021

Nice village I like it

Śhanoob AP 10 Apr 2021

You can get a good Turkish ice cream here

Mustafa ISIK 09 Apr 2021

Murshid Abdulhamid 07 Apr 2021


Anonymous 07 Apr 2021

قرية ممتازة طعام جيد وملابس عالية الجوده