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North and South blend seamlessly to showcase the colour, vibrancy, and diversity of the Americas at this pavilion that gives you a unique opportunity to travel across two continents in one go. Make your way through the Triumphal Arch of Mexico, marvel at the Stelae (freestanding stone slabs) of the ancient Mayan city of Palenque and say hello to the Statue of Liberty and Sitting Bull. Be dazzled by the magical art of the Incas and don't forget to buy a keepsake that celebrates the ancient skills of weaving and hat making. From the Mexican polka to the Brazilian Carimbo, Afro Peruvian sounds and Cowboy country tunes, every minute is a party at this Pavilion. The tepee-shaped entrance and wood benches covered in grass for seating are just some of the Native American touches that beautifully commemorate the rich history of the Americas.

  • Suggested duration: 30 Minutes

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Charow Cups
War Bonnets
Waffle Stick
Sombrero Hat
Hustler Lorinser 21 Apr 2021


mukesh chandwani 16 Apr 2021

This pavilion has authentic products and the true culture of America

Jahanzeb Zaffar 16 Apr 2021

one of the best pavilion

Azeef Iqbal 10 Apr 2021

can make it better

Zeenag Bardien 10 Apr 2021

I like this village

Glades Jreije 10 Apr 2021

Everything is good


I like this village soo nice

Mohammad KARIMA 10 Apr 2021

Nice village i like it

فواز عبدالله 10 Apr 2021

عجبتني القريهه فيها اشيا متنوعه

Mohamed zafarullah 09 Apr 2021

it's good had a great time with kids. staff are very good in global village