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Saudi Arabia

To understand what Saudi Culture is all about, all you need to do is to visit the all-new experiential zone that has been specially created at the Saudi Arabia Pavilion. Not only will you get an in-depth insight into the age-old heritage of the desert kingdom, you’ll also be surprised at the various offerings that reflect the Saudi identity and tradition. From Saudi Abayas, Niqab, Gashwa, Shaila, perfumes, oud, Dkhon, dates, coffee, and Mamoul, you’ll find some of the most wonderful things to shop at the Saudi Arabia Pavilion.

  • Suggested duration: 30 Minutes
Dates Biscuits
Arabic Coffee
Muhammad naseer 28 Apr 2021

يحيى الزعابي 10 Apr 2021

قريه جيده ولكن البائع يمسك ايدينا لنتعطر

Dalal mehmood 07 Apr 2021


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