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United Arab Emirates

Marhaba! Experience the warm hospitality of Emirati culture at the UAE pavilion. Soak in the country’s nomadic heritage, discover Emirati architecture at its glorious best, browse locally made oils, perfumes, handicrafts and other offerings at the Souk, and round off your visit with mouthwatering Emirati cuisine.

  • Suggested duration: 1 Hour

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Gents Ghatra & Shawls
Muhammad naseer 30 Apr 2021

Pramela Velaithan 17 Apr 2021

I’ve bought perfumes from SAHAR PARIS in UAE Pavilion Shop# 39. Charged me AED 100 for 4 perfumes. Except 1, all the 3 other perfumes boxes are wet due to leakage from the bottles. 1 is left with half bottle and the other 2 with 3 quarter bottles. Since all the boxes were wrapped in plastics, I could not feel it’s wet nor open and check there as I trusted the sales person. He showed me all different fragrances but when I get back home and checked, all 3 smells the same. Very bad quality. Other shops seems to be good. I feel I’m cheated by the sales person. Except 1 bottle all the other 3 bottles are a waste.

Anonymous 07 Apr 2021

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