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Ramadan Mubarak

During Ramadan, we welcome you daily from 6:00 pm till 2:00 am


Let a Geisha welcome you as you journey across Japan, meeting Ninjas and Samurai warriors along the way. From being welcomed by the traditional Japanese fan at the entrance to the Maneki-Neko lucky cat and the cherry blossom-inspired designs, Kabuki masks and Japanese pagodas, a visit to the Japan Pavilion is one filled with colour, excitement and challenges especially if you dare to visit the Ninja house to discover its various trapdoors and secret passages.

  • Suggested duration: 30 Minutes

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Rania DILEM 17 Mar 2023

Nice pavillon I enjoyed meeting the guy from Osaka in the Japanese tea booth !

Khalid Khawaja 10 Apr 2021

It’s great

Anonymous 10 Apr 2021

Nice pavilion and not too crowded

Anonymous 08 Apr 2021

i hope that you didn't remove the icecream stand

Charlotte Dingman 08 Apr 2021

This pavilion reminds me of when I lived in Japan with all of the amazing produce available.

Akhil s Jayaram 06 Apr 2021

Nice Place