fbpx Fun and Wonder at Carnaval, Global Village, Dubai

With over 195 rides, games, and attractions to explore and enjoy, all visits to Carnaval are filled with fun and wonder. It is home to some pretty epic rides and not just for the tiny tots. Although there are super fun rides for the little ones, too, the others can spin with gravity-defying, stomach-churning, high-intensity, spinny rides. With 125+ arcade and skill games, guests enjoy everything from new-age virtual games to classics like shooting hoops and throwing darts. Carnaval will leave you with a smile as big as our famous giant banana plushie! View the gallery to see some of the fun and frolic moments enjoyed in Season 28!

  • Suggested duration: 4 hours
  • Family Fun Family Fun
  • Pay per ride through WonderPass Pay per ride through WonderPass


In Season 28, Global Village's Carnaval offered a variety of attractions for guests seeking adventure and challenge. The outdoor Neon Galaxy X Challenge Zone and Mini Golf stood out, providing a thrilling environment filled with vibrant colors and exciting activities. Guests, whether young or old, had the chance to test their skills and courage in these neon-lit settings, where the energy was electric and every corner held a new challenge.