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For the comfort and wellbeing of all our guests, we have implemented comprehensive precautionary measures across the Park. Social distancing and masks are obligatory and we recommend that you purchase tickets online for the best experience possible

Pavilions - wonder you can share

Step into the heart of over 70 cultures at our country pavilions. Wander through bustling bazaars where you’ll find unique items from around the world. Grab a bite of some delicious country staples and catch a show on the cultural stages. Our pavilions give you an authentic taste of the many wonders the world has to offer.

General Highlights

Each pavilion showcases the region or country they represent through arts and crafts, food, entertainment and product. It's like a world tour in one night.

Cultural Shows

All the world’s a stage... and so is Global Village! Enjoy traditional dances like Yemen’s Al Bara’a, Korea’s Samgomu, Afghanistan’s Attan and many more. Get a taste of each country’s culture through captivating performing art.


Shop items from around the world at our 20+ pavilions. You’ll be spoilt for choice between items like handcrafted furniture, silk dresses, bedazzling jewellery, touching artworks, delicate skincare products, and much more.


You can shop artisanal products just as easily as you can see them live in the making. Browse calligraphic art, traditional jewellery, wood carvings, handcrafted shoes and more across our pavilions.


From spices to honey, many say that food is at the heart of cultures. So buy the best ingredients whilst chatting to the stall holders about the recipes or get ready- made traditional bites... whatever your preference, get ready for a taste of the whole world!

Selfie Spots

Global Village is social media paradise! High in colour and something to see at every corner, we've curated the best locations to take that perfect shot.