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Terms of Use

Welcome to our Website www.globalvillage.ae (“Website”) and Mobile Application (“Mobile App”). This Website and Mobile App is operated by Global Village – Dubai LLC (“Global Village”) part of Dubai Holdings Entertainment LLC (also referred to as “us”, “we”, “our” in these Terms and Conditions). Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully they govern your access and use of the Website and the use of our Mobile App which is also hosted by Global Village. The Website and Mobile App are provided for your personal use subject to these Terms and Conditions and any other rules posted on the Website, or the Mobile App (including our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy) – (together “Terms and Conditions”). These Terms and Conditions apply to all users of this Website, and the Mobile App including without limitation users who are browsers, vendors, customers, merchants, and/or contributors of Content. By continuing to use or view the Website or the Mobile App, and/or use any of the services on the Website or the Mobile App, you agree to be bound by, comply with and consent to the practices described in these Terms and Conditions.

We may change these Terms and Conditions from time to time without notice to you by posting the updated Terms and Conditions on the Website and the Mobile App, so please ensure that you check for updates on a regular basis. When you place an Order for tickets and services through the Website or the Mobile App, you are deemed to have consented to the latest version of the Website and Mobile App Terms and Conditions posted on the Website or the Mobile App at the time of placing the Order. If a change in law means that we have to change our Website and/or our Mobile App Terms and Conditions after you have placed an Order for tickets and services, but before it has been fulfilled, we are obliged to apply that change in Terms and Conditions to your Order. In all other cases, the version posted at the time your Order was placed will apply.


Global Village offers a variety of tickets and services for sale through the Website and the Mobile App and through designated partner websites. Unless otherwise stated, purchases made through the Website and the Mobile App are subject to these Terms & Conditions, and any purchases made via a partner website will be subject to these Terms and Conditions and those terms and conditions of the partner in question. In all purchasing arrangements, the person making the Order shall be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions on behalf of the persons named in the Order Form.

  1. Definitions and Interpretation

    The words and expressions listed hereunder have the meaning assigned to them respectively for all purposes relating to these Terms and Conditions, the Order Form, and any attachments thereto:

    Content: is defined as any graphics, photographs, including all image rights, sounds, music, video, audio, text or other materials displayed on the Website or Mobile App.

    Force Majeure Event: means acts of God, acts of government, proclamations, regulations or appropriations, acts of terrorism, industrial disputes, acts of public enemies, blockades, embargoes, wars (whether declared or not), epidemics, pandemics, invasions, rebellions, revolutions, insurrections or riots, landslides, fires, extreme storms or floods, explosions or earthquakes.

    Global Village: means the site known as Global Village, off Exit 36, Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    Intellectual Property Rights: means copyright, trademarks (registered and unregistered), designs, all rights in relation to inventions (including patent rights, semi-conductor or circuit layout rights), confidential information (including trade secrets and know how) and any other rights resulting from intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literary or artistic fields in existence now, or which may come into existence in the future, in relation to the Content.

    Order: means an order placed by a customer/visitor via the Website for tickets and/or services provided by Global Village.

    Order Form: means the electronic purchase summary appearing on the Website or Mobile App enabling a customer/visitor to purchase goods and services from the Website or Mobile App.

    UAE: means the United Arab Emirates.

  2. Eligibility

    1. The purchase of any tickets and services through the Website or the Mobile App is strictly limited to parties who can lawfully enter into and form contracts over the internet in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates.
    2. In order to make purchases on the Website or the Mobile App, you must provide your personal details, including your first and last name, a valid telephone number, valid e-mail address, together with your full credit card details (your credit card information will not be stored in our servers, but will be sent on to our payment gateway provider for processing), a valid billing address and any other requested information as indicated on the Order Form. You represent and warrant that the payment details you provide are valid, complete and correct and confirm that you are the person referred to in the billing information provided to us.
    3. For you to meet our eligibility requirements for use of the Website or the Mobile App, you should hold a valid debit/ credit card issued by a bank acceptable to Global Village, and you authorise us to process a charge or charges on your debit/credit card in the amount of the total purchase price for the tickets and/or services, including any taxes or delivery fee (if applicable), relating to your purchase. By using this Website or the Mobile App you agree that the tickets and/or services purchased are for personal or gift use only, and no tickets and/or services purchased shall be bought and re-sold, used for commercial purposes or for any other commercial benefit, unless you are a duly authorised re-seller of Global Village–Dubai LLC. Global Village reserves the right to restrict multiple quantities of any tickets and/or services purchased through us for the benefit of one customer.
    4. By completing the Order Form online to purchase Product(s), you will be re-directed to our payment gateway provider. Although we will have access to our payment gateway provider’s portal, where we will have access to your personal information (your first and last name, telephone number, email address etc.), we will not have access to, or ever be in possession of your full debit/credit card details.
  3. Submission of Information and Privacy Policy

    All information submitted to Global Village via the Website or the Mobile App (other than debit/credit card details) shall be deemed and remain the property of Global Village who shall be free to use, for any purpose, any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in information a visitor to the Website or Mobile App provides Global Village via the Website or the Mobile App. This is subject to any obligations of confidentiality or privacy regarding submitted information as agreed by Global Village, or specifically set forth on the Website in its Website Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy, or in the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy appearing on the Mobile App, or as otherwise specifically agreed or required by law. Please refer to the Website Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy for more details which can be found at https://www.globalvillage.ae.

  4. Placing an Order

    1. When you place an Order with us, by completing the Order Form online, you commit to buy the tickets or services described in that Order, at the price indicated including any delivery fees, taxes and duties (where applicable). All tickets are non-refundable (except as mentioned below), non-transferable or non- exchangeable, and lost, damaged or stolen tickets will not be replaced.
    2. The tickets and/or services appearing for sale on the Website or the Mobile App are subject to our acceptance and availability. Some ticket and/or services on offer may have limited quantities or availability, and we reserve our right to limit the quantities of any tickets and/or services that we offer.
    3. Upon completion of the Order Form and submission of the same via the Website, you are confirming your purchase, and you agree to accept and pay the full amount payable for the tickets and/or services as set out in the Order Form.
    4. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel an Order for any reason, including:-
      1. any inaccuracies, or errors relating to the sale of tickets and/or services including any pricing information appearing on the Website or the Mobile App;
      2. if we are unable to obtain authorisation for payment;
      3. you do not meet the eligibility criteria set-out within these Terms and Conditions; or
      4. or any other problem identified by us.
    5. We shall not be liable to you or to any third-party for any modification, price change, suspension or discontinuance of any tickets and/or services on the Website or the Mobile App.
    6. We will not be liable to you, or any third party, if we take the decision to withdraw any tickets and/or services from the Website or the Mobile App, and neither shall we be liable to you, or any third party, for removing, screening or editing any materials or Content on the Website or the Mobile App, or for refusing to process a transaction, or unwinding or suspending any transaction after processing has already commenced.
    7. Once you complete the Order Form and submit the same via our Website or Mobile App, you will receive an email acknowledging the details of your order with pdf attachments which will contain a QR code for scanning upon arrival at Global Village or any of its attractions.
    8. If any tickets or services are advertised on the Website or the Mobile App at an incorrect price, or if we discover an error in the pricing of a product in your Order Form, we will inform you as soon as possible via email or telephone and Global Village reserves the right to change or update the Website or the Mobile App without notice. Global Village shall be under no obligation to accept or fulfil an Order for tickets/services that were advertised at an incorrect price (whether on the Website or the Mobile App), and we reserve the right to cancel such Order that has been submitted by you. If the Order has already been processed, then we may, at our sole discretion, cancel the Order (or part thereof), and if we have received payment, we will issue you with a refund including original Order delivery fees, taxes and duties (if applicable).
  5. Prices and Terms of Payment

    1. The price of tickets and/or services purchased via the Website or the Mobile App are exclusive of VAT, and VAT will be charged at the rate prevailing in the UAE at the time of purchase. Details of the VAT charged to an Order will be appear on the Order Form
    2. We accept the following form of payment:-
      Debit/Credit cards: Visa-Mastercard-Apple Pay
    3. If the issuer of the debit/credit card used to purchase the tickets and/or services refuses to authorise payment, we will not be liable for any delay in your purchase of tickets and/or services. We will just cancel your Order. You confirm that when using a credit/debit card for payment of tickets and/or services via the Website or the Mobile App, that such credit/debit card is yours, or that you have been specifically authorised by the owner of the credit/debit card to use it.
    4. Prices on the Website and the Mobile App are displayed in United Arab Emirates Dirhams (AED), and exclude delivery costs. VAT and any other taxes, duties or additional costs will be displayed on the Order Form and in the shopping cart before your final check out.
    5. If you pay for tickets and/or services using a payment card denominated in a different currency to United Arab Emirates Dirhams (AED), the payment will be subject to the currency exchange rate applied by your card issuer at the time your payment is completed.
    6. Your credit card details will not be stored in our database, and for any purchase of tickets and/or services, you will be redirected to our payment gateway provider. We disclaim in full any liability in relation to your financial information and you hereby agree that we shall have no liability to you in respect of any financial information or data that you may transmit to our payment gateway provider.
    7. Global Village takes reasonable care, in so far as we are able, to keep the details of your Order secure, but unless we are held to be negligent in our obligations, we cannot be held liable for any loss you may suffer if a third party gains unauthorised access to any data you provide when accessing or ordering from our Website or Mobile App.
  6. Types of Tickets Available

    The types of tickets available for purchase are set out in Global Village’s Park Terms and Conditions which can also be found on the Website and Mobile App.

  7. Cancellation, Refund Policy

    In the event that Global Village is closed for a full day, then you will have the opportunity to reschedule your visit. In the event that you are unable to reschedule your visit, we will review any refund request on a case-by-case basis. All refund requests will be handled by the Guest Services Team. To place your refund request, you can either:-

    1. Contact us via the Website/Mobile App contact forms;
    2. Write to us at info@globalvillage.ae; or
    3. Call us on +971 4 362 4114.

    If a refund is approved, our Finance Team will process a refund back on to the credit/debit card used for the purchase.

  8. Intellectual Property

    All Intellectual Property Rights in the Content and materials displayed and included on the Website and the Mobile App, are either the sole property of Global Village and/ or its affiliates, or are licensed for use by Global Village and are protected to the fullest extent by applicable trademark, copyright and database laws, and all such rights are reserved. By using the Website or the Mobile App and its Content, Global Village does not grant you any copyright, design, trademark or other Intellectual Property Rights relating to the Content, including any software, HTML or other codes contained within the Website or the Mobile App. You are permitted to use the Content only as expressly authorised by Global Village. Any reproduction or redistribution of the Content is prohibited and may result in civil and criminal penalties. Without limiting the foregoing, linking, commercially exploiting, copying and use of the above listed materials on any other server, location or support for publication, reproduction or distribution is expressly prohibited, unless you have entered into a separate written agreement with us in relation thereto.

  9. Use of Information and Materials and No Warranty

    1. As mentioned above, the information and materials contained on the Website or the Mobile App, the Terms and, Conditions, and descriptions that appear, are subject to change. Not all products and services described herein shall be available at all times, or in all areas. Your eligibility for particular products and services is subject to the final determination and acceptance by us, and any agreement with us, shall be subject only to a written agreement evidencing such agreement.
    2. To the full extent permitted by law, we do not warrant the accuracy, validity, currency, adequacy or completeness of the Content, and expressly disclaim liability for any errors, mistakes or omissions that may appear on the Website or the Mobile App and/or any page therein. The Content is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis and your access to, reliance on and use of the Website or the Mobile App is at your own risk. You agree that from time to time we may remove the Website or the Mobile App for indefinite periods of time or cancel the Website or the Mobile App at any time without notice to you. We do not warrant that the functional aspects of the Website or the Mobile App will be error free, or that this Website or the Mobile App or the servers that make them available are free of viruses or other harmful components. We always recommend that you have up to date virus checking software installed on your own personal computers, or electronic devices. No warranties of any kind, implied, express or statutory, including but not limited to, the warranties of non-infringement of third-party rights, title, reliability, merchant-ability, fitness for a particular purpose and freedom from computer virus, are given in conjunction with the Content.
  10. Links to Third Party Websites

    1. The Website or the Mobile App may contain hyperlinks to websites operated by third parties. We are not responsible for the Content of these websites, and inclusion of such hyperlinks on the Website or the Mobile App are solely for your convenience, and in no way constitutes endorsement of the Content of such third party websites and you acknowledge and agree that we provide access to such third-party websites on an “as is” and “as available” basis. The Content, accuracy, opinions expressed, and other links provided by these resources are not investigated, verified, monitored, or endorsed by us, and we shall have no liability whatsoever arising from or relating to your use of optional third-party tools.
    2. We are not liable for any harm or damages related to the purchase or use of goods, services, resources, Content, or any other transactions made in connection with any third-party websites. Please ensure that you review carefully the third party’s policies and practices and make sure you understand them before you engage in any transaction. Any complaints, claims, concerns, or questions regarding third party products should be directed to that third party.
  11. Exclusion of Liability

    In no event will we be liable for any damages, including without limitation, direct or indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages, losses or expenses arising in connection with, or in any way related to the Website and/or the Mobile App or use thereof, or inability to use by any party, or reliance on the Content of the Website and/or the Mobile App, or in connection with any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay or failure in operation or transmission, computer virus or line or system failure, even if we, or our representatives are advised of the possibility of such damages, losses or expenses.

  12. Indemnity

    As a user of the Website and/or the Mobile App, you agree to indemnify us from and against all liabilities, costs, expenses (including legal fees) and damages that arise or may arise out of, or in relation to, (i) any claim resulting from the use of the Website and/or the Mobile App; or (ii) use of the Website and/or Mobile App whatsoever.

  13. Limitations on Use

    As a user of this Website and/or Mobile App, you agree to not abuse the Website or the Mobile App in anyway. This shall include, but is not limited to, defamatory, threatening or abusive conduct that violates another person's rights at law; violation of any intellectual property, trademark and database laws; harming or interfering with the operation of another person's hardware and/or software by uploading, transmitting or downloading computer viruses or any corrupt files; transmitting or otherwise disclosing trade secrets or any other confidential material or information; or directing any bots, spiders, crawlers, avatars or any other automated process that may debilitate the Website, our software, network or infrastructure.

  14. Recordings and Photography

    All ticket holders acknowledge that Global Village and any third parties authorised by Global Village may make recordings or take photographs within the Global Village site and such recordings and photography may include the images and/or voices of the ticket holder(s). Each ticket holder hereby grants Global Village and any third parties authorized by them, permission to make, reproduce, broadcast, stream, use, sell, license or otherwise deal in a recording or photography of the ticket holder(s) in any media whatsoever, worldwide and for any purpose without identification, compensation or payment of any kind. Each ticket holder who is accompanied by a person under the age of 18 years old, will be deemed to have provided such permission on behalf of such under age person, either as a consenting parent and/or guardian.

  15. Amendment

    These Terms and Conditions are subject to change and can be modified at any time without notice. Your continued use of the Website and/or Mobile App following the posting of changes to these Terms and Conditions further signifies that you accept such changes.

  16. Legal Disclaimer

    We reserve the right to disclose your personally identifiable information when we believe that disclosure is necessary to enforce or apply our Terms and Conditions, protect our rights at law and/or to comply with any judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on our Website and/or Mobile App to the extent permissible by any applicable law.

  17. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

    By accessing the Website and/or Mobile App and using the facilities, or purchasing tickets and/or services offered through the Website or Mobile App, you agree that the laws of the Emirate of Dubai and the Federal laws of the UAE as applicable in Dubai shall govern such access and the provision of such facilities, tickets and services, and these Terms and Conditions. You further agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Emirate of Dubai, in relation to any dispute arising from, or in relation to, these Terms and Conditions the Website and/or the Mobile App.

  18. Waiver

    No term, condition, right obligation or breach of these Terms and Conditions shall be waived or be deemed to have been waived if Global Village does not exercise or enforce, or delays in its exercise or enforcement of any legal right or remedy.

  19. Illegality

    If any provision of these Website and Mobile App Terms and Conditions are held to be illegal or unenforceable, the remaining Website and/or Mobile App Terms and Conditions or any part thereof, will not be affected and will remain in full force and effect.

  20. Language

    These Website and Mobile App Terms and Conditions are published in English and Arabic. If there is any inconsistency between the English text and the Arabic text, the English text will prevail.

  21. Contact Information

    Questions about these Terms and Conditions should be sent to us at info@globalvillage.ae.

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