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Ramadan Mubarak

During Ramadan, we welcome you daily from 6:00 pm till 2:00 am


From Paghman Castle, the venue for major celebrations in Kabul to the Taq-e Zafar arch and Minaret of Jam, a journey of discovery awaits you at the Afghanistan Pavilion where the sights and sounds of this beautiful country are recreated in majestic splendour. Savour authentic spices and sweets, marvel at the talent of the carpet weavers, wood and copper carvers, and potters, and learn about the country’s rich history and heritage from the learned Afghan tour guides.

  • Suggested duration: 30 Minutes

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Dry Fruits
Saffron Oil & Rose Water
Mohammad Mukhtar Hashimi 20 Jan 2023

Of course, apart from saffron in the village of Afghanistan, there are other products such as leather and woolen jackets, handicrafts, Fur, fox skin, rabbit, and sheep.

Anonymous 18 Nov 2022

The best of all

Anonymous 11 Apr 2021


أحمد كردي دناوي 10 Apr 2021

كانت زيارة ممتعة وأحببت ما تم عرضه في كافة الاجنحة

Anonymous 10 Apr 2021


Beatriz Sánchez 10 Apr 2021

Amazing ice cream

Anonymous 09 Apr 2021


Tahseldar Khan 09 Apr 2021

It is good