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A rich civilisation that laid the foundation of the modern world inspires this season's awe-inspiring and imposing Syria Pavilion. Marvel at the walls of the Damascus Citadel, Palmyra's architecture, and the famed Al-Azm palace as you celebrate the culture, cuisine, craft, and creativity of the Syrian people. Dabke with a side of Kibbeh, please!

  • Suggested duration: 30 Minutes

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Kunafa Nabulsi
Glass Drawings
Anonymous 16 Dec 2023

syria is the best country

Anonymous 06 Dec 2023

ممكن رقم المحل يلي ببيع جلد طبيعي

Ahmed Al 10 Apr 2021


Ahmed Al 10 Apr 2021


Anonymous 10 Apr 2021


ghada khello 10 Apr 2021

Great place to learn about Syrian traditions. Food is amazing and The events are entertaining.

Ali Alameeri 10 Apr 2021

مكان رائع، الأكل ممتاز والفعاليات ممتعة

Ghanem Kheirallah 09 Apr 2021

حلوة جداً

bassel aboualo 07 Apr 2021

مكان رائع والمنتجات الحرفية جميلة ولكن التعامل ليس مرضي نوعا ما

Ahmed Mustafa 07 Apr 2021

اعجبتني الثقافة والاكل والمصنوعات اليدوية وتعامل الموظفين