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... a world without borders. A world where more than 90 cultures come together to celebrate wonder. A world where new and exciting can be found around every corner, where colours, flavours and experiences blend into one magnificent cultural melting pot. Welcome to a More Wonderful World.
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Witness Japanese culture through their popular fan and parasol dances featuring simple moves delivered to a complex rhythm.

  • Kids' Theatre
    20/03/2023 17:20
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Dabke it up with Lebanon as their dancers take to the stage and deliver one of the most invigorating dabke performance you’ll ever see.

  • Main stage
    20/03/2023 17:20
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Our incredible Colombian Clowns, show off their slapstick and circus skills in this fun-filled family show.

  • Main stage
    20/03/2023 17:35
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A contemporary clarinetist will dazzle you with her tunes. Mixing jazz with funky rhythms, expressive playing, and catchy tunes, this performance is one for the avid music lover.

  • Arabian Square
    20/03/2023 17:40
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The young crowd will gasp with glee as Incredible Chris guides them through his collection of joyful tricks.

  • Kids' Theatre
    20/03/2023 17:40
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Jessica Arpin was born in Brazil, grew up in Switzerland, lived in Pennabilli, Italy and is based between Geneva and Catalunya – when she is not performing in exciting, wonder-filled places like Gl

  • CW Entrance
    20/03/2023 17:50
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Canadian artist and performer Julia has been in performing arts her whole life starting with singing, then acting, improvisation and finally dancing.

  • FW Avenue
    20/03/2023 17:50
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  • CW Middle
    20/03/2023 17:50
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Meet The Wonderers, Global Village’s new characters, Waleef, Zoya, Ozka, and Aiyah, as they embark on the first of many adventures.

  • Main stage
    20/03/2023 17:55
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Travel back in time to the 18th century and witness the beginning of Persian court dances. You’ll find yourself entranced by the elaborate dances featuring intricate yet graceful footwork.

  • Kids' Theatre
    20/03/2023 18:10

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