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For the comfort and wellbeing of all our guests, we have implemented comprehensive precautionary measures across the Park. Social distancing and masks are obligatory and we recommend that you purchase tickets online for the best experience possible

Dining - Wonder you can taste

Treat your tastebuds to dining experiences from every corner of the globe with the 200+ restaurants, cafes, and street food options at Global Village. Spanning authentic bites, food for the Gram, and concepts that haven’t been seen anywhere else in the region, you’re in for a foodie experience unlike any other.


Looking for a little sit-down time? The restaurants at Global Village are the perfect place to kick back and enjoy authentic food and atmosphere. Where will you go for dinner?


Coffee lovers will delight in our specialty cafes, strategically situated for great coffee with a view!

Street Food

Chicken in a cone? Steamed dumplings? How about some crispy sweet churros? With over 150 kiosks and food carts, Global Village is the largest and the most culturally diverse street food destination in the region. Talk about spoilt for choice!

Indian Chaat Bazaar

From traditional "chaats" to tandoori karak tea, every taste will transport you to the bustling atmosphere of an authentic Indian Chaat Bazaar.

Floating Market

Step into Asian food heaven at the Floating Market where you’ll find sweet and savoury delicacies from across the continent. Spicy grills and sumptuous seafood from Thailand, Korea, and Myanmar as well as sweet treats from the Philippines, Indonesia, and more.

Happiness Street

If there’s one thing food does, it makes us happy and that’s a guarantee on Happiness Street. Featuring popular staples like mac & cheese Cheetos, dynamite shrimps, loaded potatoes, and 60 cm slices of pizza, there isn’t one dish that won’t leave you feeling happily satisfied.

Fiesta Street

The newest speciality dining concept at Global Village, Fiesta Street runs alongside Celebration Walk. Here, you’ll find some of our most mouthwatering street food concepts serving dishes like unique blends of frappuccinos, loaded steak meals, authentic risottos, and every other street food you desire.