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The lion, leopard, black rhinoceros, African bush elephant, and African buffalo also known as the Big Five are ready to welcome you to Africa Pavilion. Be sure to grab a photo with these majestic creatures before venturing on this season’s safari. Architectural inspiration comes from all corners of the continent including the Djenne city of Mali, the Clay Palace of Ghardaïa in Algeria, and even remote East African villages. Enjoy the traditional African tea shop treats as you watch artists creating stunning textile and metal works, pottery, basketry, sculptures, and dolls right before your eyes.

  • Suggested duration: 1 Hour

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Anonymous 14 Mar 2023


chandu gh 27 Feb 2023


Muhammad naseer 30 Apr 2021

Good hand made items

Sherin s 10 Apr 2021

it was grate experience to visit

Anonymous 10 Apr 2021

was nice

Mateena Bardien 10 Apr 2021

Love the new look of the Africa Pavilion

Moegammad Bardien 10 Apr 2021

very nice and cultural

Razaz Ahmed 10 Apr 2021

Nice pavilion

Samar Salah 10 Apr 2021

nice place... good price

Anonymous 10 Apr 2021

The african pavillion staff are aggressive Lebanese pavillion is nice Thailand is the beat

Rouaa Shehab 10 Apr 2021

Nice Area with alot of stuff

Hichem Khelifi 10 Apr 2021

Machalah is nice village

مها حمدان 10 Apr 2021


Prakash Kk 10 Apr 2021

Amazing place

boye ade 10 Apr 2021


Silviaceline Oparaocha 10 Apr 2021

I like thes pavilion

Tushar Mittal 10 Apr 2021

Amazing collection of Shopping gift and so colorful

Nermin Kamel 07 Apr 2021

So friendly people and good product

Mahmoud Ghaly 07 Apr 2021

Great service , friendly sales person First store near to the entrance A15

Imtiaz Ahmad 07 Apr 2021

The African Pavilion is the best pavilion with handicrafts that too authentic and good price. Shop no. 83 is a very nice lady.

Hamid Darwish 07 Apr 2021

Coffee and environment

Svetlana Frunza 07 Apr 2021

The most amazing pavilion, nice shopping, bags, shea butter, nice customer service, good show, lights!

sultan ahmed 07 Apr 2021