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Fly France Terms and Conditions

This attraction is not suitable for

  • Guests suffering from heart, back or neck problems.
  • Guests with nervous disorders.
  • Guests with motion sickness.
  • Guests who are pregnant.
  • Guests who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Guests who are in a poor state of health or currently under care of a medical professional.
  • Guests who have a medical history of heart, back or neck problems including cardiovascular problems or high blood pressure.
  • Guests who have recently undergone surgery or who have been recently unwell which may be aggravated by the motion of the ride or attraction.
  • Children who are unable to walk and sit upright unaided. It is not permitted for babies to be held in the arms of other riders.
  • Guests who are unable to be adequately restrained or seated safety in the ride due to their size or any impairment.


Whilst the attraction is in motion, the following rules must be observed

  • Do not smoke, eat drink or chew gum.
  • Remain seated in the harness until the ride has stopped.
  • Keep hands, arms and legs inside the ride and hold on at all times.
  • Secure all loose articles of clothing including headwear and ensure long hair is tied back securely.
  • The use of mobile phones, cameras or video recording equipment whilst the ride is in motion is strictly prohibited.
  • Personal possessions and loose articles should not be taken on this ride.


People of Determination (Guests with Disabilities) Guidelines

  • Guests using wheelchairs must be able to board the ride themselves and must have sufficient strength in their lower extremities.
  • Guest must be able to sit upright, hold their own body weight for evacuation reasons, hold on tight at all time.
  • The Guest must be able to enter and exit the ride without jeopardizing themselves or others and assist with their own evacuation if necessary.
  • Guests wearing prosthesis or casts may ride however they should ensure it is fully secured during the ride and the cast cannot obstruct the ride restraints or put an adjacent Guest at risk
  • Guests with missing limbs must have two functioning legs and one functioning arm in order to safely ride the attraction.


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