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Spooky surprises with Carnaval boss, Mark Tucker

Oct 14, 2022 | by admin

Discover what Season 27 has in store, if you dare…

I’ve always considered myself to be pretty brave. I’ve watched plenty of scary movies, I’m the first in line for fast rides and I’ve even caught a spider or two in my time. So, when House of Fear was unveiled ahead of the Global Village Season 27 launch, I had no qualms about marching up to the newly erected haunted house, striding through the towering front doors – and promptly running back out again. Our latest spooky attraction arrives in perfect time for Halloween, and if you enjoy being scared out of your wits, then you’ll feel right at home.

As Director of Orb Entertainment, testing out the Global Village rides, games and attractions is all part of my job. And, when I’m not rocketing around on bumper cars, admiring the view from the Ferris wheel or running screaming from haunted houses, I’m dreaming up new and fantastical ways for you to enjoy yourself at Global Village Carnaval. This year, we’ve let our imaginations run wild and when the gates open on Season 27, there’ll be some surprises in store for our guests.

As soon as the rides slowed to a stop at the end of Season 26, the Carnaval team sprang into action, and as well as House of Fear, we have a second brand-new attraction for our littlest globetrotters. Diggers Lab is a hydraulic digging experience that invites little builders to take the controls – if they can wrestle them from mum and dad! We’ve also taken the summer as an opportunity for a reshuffle, moving our rides into prime position for your enjoyment and enhancing our lighting and music for maximum impact.

As always, safety is key, and as well as adding new attractions, we’ve stripped down all our existing 31 rides, given them a full service and pieced them back together again with multiple seals of approval from third-party inspections. The thousands of man-hours invested is all part of ensuring our guests are always safe, whether they’re plummeting through the air at eyewatering speeds or preparing to hook a particularly vicious-looking duck.

Speaking of eye-watering speeds, this season the thrill seekers amongst us will be able to watch themselves in all their dishevelled glory thanks to new video recording technology on three of our most white-knuckle rides. We’ve partnered with an incredible UK company that will film the entire ride experience on London Loop, Shang High and Global Burj, which will be instantly accessible as soon as the ride is over. Don’t forget to share your feat on social media, tagging Global Village in your post.

As well as the fast and the furious, we’ve also given our gentler rides an upgrade, and returning guests will notice that we’ve made changes to each of the gondolas on our Festival Wheel to guarantee the best views across Global Village. Make sure you take a few snaps while you’ve got your head in the clouds!

Back down on solid ground, we’ve come up with a solution to banish waiting times. As of Season 27, we’ll be offering a Fast Track option on seven of our most popular rides, so you can spend less time queueing and more time spinning, soaring and smiling. As for the House of Fear, I’m happy to wait a little longer….

Think you can handle the excitement? There’s only one way to find out!
See you there,

Mark Tucker, Director of Orb Entertainment

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