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Season 27
25th October 2022 – 29th April 2023

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... a world without borders. A world where more than 90 cultures come together to celebrate wonder. A world where new and exciting can be found around every corner, where colours, flavours and experiences blend into one magnificent cultural melting pot. Welcome to a More Wonderful World.
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Puttin' On the Glitz

It's Saturday night and they're Puttin’ On The Glitz at the hottest jazz club in town owned by the infamous Benny the Squint.

  • Main stage
    29/11/2022 19:10
  • Main stage
    29/11/2022 22:5
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Aqua Action! Stunt Show

Seatbelts on? Are you ready for the ride of your life? The region’s only water-based stunt show is back and it's bigger and better so get ready to get wet and wild!

  • Stunt
    29/11/2022 18:5
  • Stunt
    29/11/2022 19:35
  • Stunt
    29/11/2022 21:5
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Clowns to the Rescue

Our incredible Colombian Clowns, show off their slapstick and circus skills in this fun-filled family show.

  • Main stage
    29/11/2022 17:50
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London Calling

Some of London's most famous sights form the backdrop to this foot-tapping jamboree that mixes iconic music and fashion to bring the streets of London to life.

  • Main stage
    29/11/2022 18:10
  • Main stage
    29/11/2022 20:30
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Music, style, dance and a myriad of lights combine to create a sensory smorgasbord which will transport the audience straight to the heart of Bollywood at night.

  • Main stage
    29/11/2022 21:10

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