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A contemporary clarinetist will dazzle you with her tunes. Mixing jazz with funky rhythms, expressive playing, and catchy tunes, this performance is one for the avid music lover.

  • Main stage
    29/03/2023 00:10
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We invite you to indulge in the soothing and enchanting melodies of the oud, expertly played by our talented musician.

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The Misaharaty (Musaharati) is one of the oldest, most deep-rooted traditions found during Ramadan.

  • Majlis of the World
    29/03/2023 00:20
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Experience the ultimate musical journey at the Majlis of the World, where the enchanting sounds of a contemporary harpist will take you on a mesmerizing journey across different genres and styles.

  • Majlis of the World
    29/03/2023 00:35
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If you're looking for a little bit of enchantment and wonder in your life, look no further than the Majlis of the World.

  • Majlis of the World
    29/03/2023 00:45
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immerse yourself in the enchanting world of music and witness the soul-stirring melodies of the cello played by our talented musician.

  • Majlis of the World
    29/03/2023 00:55
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Get awed by a Calligrapher in artistic and playful techniques of scriptwriting at the Majlis of the World.

  • Majlis of the World
    29/03/2023 01:05
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Tanoura literally means skirt in English and is a popular folk dance performed in Islamic countries like Egypt and Turkey.

  • Majlis of the World
    29/03/2023 01:15
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Go back in time with the mesmerizing and soulful melodies of the Qanun.

  • Majlis of the World
    29/03/2023 01:25

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