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When it comes to African dance culture, the phrase “feel the rhythm” is taken to a whole new level as dancers put every body part to task. The choreography moves to a high drumming beat as the dancers set the stage on fire with their palpable energy.

Anonymous 23 Jan 2024


Sarojini Vetrivel 18 Dec 2023


Xeniya Fomina 05 Dec 2023

Super! Great show!

Abdul Aziz Farid 05 Nov 2023

Africans! Energetic show with dance and drums!

Wafa Ibn Ishaq 27 Oct 2023

ممتع جداً

Anonymous 27 Oct 2023

Energetic performance brings you to the tropicals of Africa

Ismael Saeed 22 Oct 2023

عرض جميل يستق المشاهد

Hansa Barutcu 21 Oct 2023


Ruhina Khatun 21 Oct 2023

Really good, entertaining dance. Fun for the family.

Jolya Niro niro 20 Oct 2023

رائع جدا

Anonymous 23 Feb 2023

Nice one

Mona Ehab 18 Feb 2023

chandrashekhar gh 09 Feb 2023


Anonymous 02 Feb 2023


Anonymous 06 Dec 2022


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