fbpx Ramadan Wonders at Global Village

Ramadan Wonders at Global Village

Mar 10, 2023 | by admin

The holy month of Ramadan is the perfect time to be closer to family and friends and share in the joy of giving. It is a time for contemplation and renewal and is marked by the generosity of the human spirit. Ramadan gifts are the ideal way of showing love and appreciation. If you're looking for a thoughtful and extensive range of such gifts, you cannot do better than visit Global Village where a plethora of options are freely available for you to choose from.

A range of clothing for the occasion

For the coming holy month garments are a very popular choice and at Global Village, you will find designs and cuts in various fabrics and colours to suit every taste. Saudi Arabia and Morocco are your favoured pavilions for the in-fashion abayas and gowns ranging from the very simple to those with more elaborate embroidery. Accessories include scarves and throw-overs and there is everything from leisurewear to more formal attire. Whether you are buying for yourself or a loved one you are guaranteed to be appreciated.

There is something for everyone on the table

Delectable high quality foodstuff makes for the perfect gift and you can never go wrong, not with what Global Village has to offer at its various pavilions. Keeping in mind that at Suhoor and Iftar, such gifts are cherished.

Honey & dates –Sweeten the moment with pure honey in a thousand exotic flavours. From honeycomb to cinnamon and saffron, a gift like this will always be treasured. Take your time choosing from the very attractive array of premium dates stuffed with irresistible fillings. Head to the Saudi Arabia pavilion for some sweet deals.

There is so much more from caramelised honey cakes and imaginative and mouth-watering confectionary that include the most incredible biscuits and crackers to both savoury and sweet with several new fillings. Get to the Yemen pavilion and get a headstart on your Ramadan shopping.

The region is known for its dry fruits and nuts and they are a staple offering during the holy month. Come Eid-ul-Fitr, they are central to the celebrations. The Afghanistan pavilion is your destination for these delicious and healthy goodies.

The Middle East is also famous for its spices and the air at the Yemen and Turkey pavilions is redolent with their fragrance. Fresh spices and herbs add that extra zing and colour to traditional dishes. For main courses, you can add dried herbs like parsley, sage and curry leaves to make those dishes sing. You can also treat yourself and your loved ones with herbs like rosemary, thyme, rosebuds, cumin and cinnamon.

Coffee – Fuel your Iftars with an equally brilliant brew made from freshly roasted coffee beans available at the Yemen pavilion.

And if you are a Turkish delight fan go to the Turkey and Syria pavilions for the best choices of this delectable and much loved sweet.

At the time of reverence

This year’s selection of prayer mats and beads, designed with Islamic calligraphy and intricate religious patterns will beckon you at the Yemen and Afghanistan pavilions. Crafted by experts with the perfect finish, these exquisite accouterments of prayer and worship will enhance your rituals.

On sale are Islamic prayer beads in precious and semi-precious stones so well made and profound in their impact they give you a sense of peace and comfort and are easily affordable.

Enjoy other Ramadan activities like applying henna from artists who can create the most intricate designs to purchasing a soothing oudh and bukhoor fragrance that adds a certain flair to special moments.

Your best options for fragrances that are ideal for the holy month are at the UAE, Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Turkey pavilions.

Have an iftar at Global Village or enjoy Suhour with friends and family at any of the scores of high quality restaurants at Global Village. Great atmosphere, superb cuisines and the perfect choice to bond with loved ones on a special night, on a special day.

The presentation counts

Presentation has a major role to play in giving the best impression to family and friends. So spend a little time at the Egypt pavilion checking out the various trays and platters that add that extra touch to your fare. Buy the latest kahwa set at the Turkey, Morocco and Egypt pavilions or go in for a crockery set with the latest patterns.

Happy shopping and a peaceful and serene month of Ramadan to you and your family.

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