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Final preparations for Season 27

Sep 29, 2022 | by admin

Exclusive scoop from Global Village’s Director of Business Development

I stood among the crowd, staring contentedly at the fireworks on the last day of Season 26, thinking of all the plans already in the pipeline for the next season. With no time to waste, our bags were already packed… first stop, Orlando. 

Ripley's collection includes over 30,000 exhibits collected over more than 100 years from countries across the globe and continues to grow every week. Every season we enter this treasure trove and pick out some of the most exciting exhibits that we know you will love. As we speak over 100 multimillion dollar exhibits have been carefully wrapped and packed and are on a boat halfway across the Atlantic. It take 50 days for the exhibits to get to Dubai and the team is ready to unpack them as soon as they are off the ship.

Ever since we opened Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!® guests have been telling us they want to ride in the hot air balloon that is part of its façade. This year we were on a mission to make that happen, and when we met the Big Balloon company, I knew we had found the right partner. Together we arranged the best equipment from around 8 different countries across the globe from Boston to Mumbai to help assemble one of the safest balloon rides in the World. Certified under the stringent European standards, our balloon ride is a complete family ride so everybody from toddlers to grandparents enjoy it together. We’re looking forward to making some bucket list dreams come true with our zero emissions Big Balloon ride. When the doors open on October 25, you’ll be able to admire the spectacular view of the park, with its rides and pavilions lit up, 200 feet from the ground.

A road trip through the markets of Asia, led to the new Road of Asia concept. We are bringing the atmosphere of the best Asian markets to Global Village with authentic products and crafts from 13 Asian countries including Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Nepal, Bhutan, Philippines and more. I can’t wait to see it come to life.

I cannot reveal all our surprises yet, but I can tell you that we went to London, crossed India, and made some other American discoveries that are coming your way. We have some really exciting announcements for foodies up our sleeve and a rather unexpected attraction. So watch this space for updates!


Naveen Jain, Director – Business Development, Global Village

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