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Cruise through an endless selection of delectable Asian cuisine at the Floating Market where this season's offering is bigger, better and even more delicious! Located next to the Dragon Lake, the venue for the new dragon fire and water displays, you can now enjoy sumptuous seafood, a wide range of ramen, grills, and fried and baked dishes followed by sweet delicacies with some stunning views


Mohammed Alshehhi 30 Mar 2023

It is soooooooo good

Talah Mandourah 19 Feb 2023

Depends on the restaurant, but from what I ate everything was good.

Amani Alyafei 13 Feb 2023

مطبخ زبيدة >> ألذ تم يم فراي رايس جربته فالقرية العالمية زاب زاب >> ألذ محار جربته فالقرية العالمية يعطيكم العافية ع التميز و المجهود العظيم

Russi annie 02 Feb 2023


Anonymous 28 Dec 2022

Though the mixed seafood tom yum soup and red thai curry tasted nice, my husband and I ended up with diarrhoea an hour or so later.

Anonymous 24 Dec 2022

Everything is delicious fried shrimp tempura,noodles with shrimp,fried rice and muscles are all greet the best place to try the Asian food ❤️❤️❤️

Elnaz Bakhshandeh 06 Dec 2022

Anonymous 21 Nov 2022

وااايد اشيا حلوه لازم تجربونها حلوه المشاركه مع طلعت القروب

philip farra 08 Apr 2021

an absolute delight! great for instagram.

Hanine Aridi 07 Apr 2021

Everything is delecious!

Maria Eudela 07 Apr 2021

Amazing variety of food!

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