About Us

Global Village is a unique vision that’s now in its 25th Season: bringing every unique wonder from around the world and putting them all in one fabulous entertainment park.

So, what can you expect?


There’s also endless shopping opportunities, with items from all over the world for you to purchase and treasure forever – or gift to a loved one.


The finest, most unique dining experiences from every corner of the globe. Every season we add more one-of-a-kind foods and dining experiences for you to taste – no matter what takes your fancy.


We’ve brought the best shows from the region and the world and host them on a daily basis. From concerts to stunt performances to wonderful childrens’ tales.

Carnaval Funfair

Then there’s our world-famous Carnaval, full of rides and thrills for the entire family. Ranging from rollercoasters to dodgem cars, and everything in between.

Family Fun

Whatever it is that you enjoy, at Global Village we’re all about fun, wonder and making sure you and your family leave with huge smiles on your faces.