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Urban Crew Flash Mob


With a contagious energy, unmatched skills, and a friendliness that captures every heart, Urban Crew is back by popular demand this season with a brand-new show, HIT. Featuring tricks, stunts, flips, rolls and moves that defy all imaginations, the Filipino crew is bound to capture the hearts of any audience! 

  • Main Stage
  • Family fun
  • Cost - Free
Yassmin Ahmed 27 Nov 2022

حقيقي رائع جدا

Nilesh Patel 26 Nov 2022

Excellent performance

Esmaeel Almandi 26 Nov 2022

الصراحه ما عليهم كلام 100‎%‎

Ahmad Alsaid 10 Apr 2021

Amazing and energetic show i would love to watch it again :)

Anonymous 08 Apr 2021


Anonymous 08 Apr 2021

Good and engaging

Pauline Rabbat Darouni 08 Apr 2021

Too loud for the kids ears

Rashin Sa 07 Apr 2021

It is an amazing show , i really enjoyed there

Saeed mohammed 06 Apr 2021



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