The World Most Amazing Oddities.

Now Gathered in One Place.

Global Village brings you the world’s most remarkable collection of natural, scientific, artistic, and human oddities. Experience animal oddities, exotic primitive items—including authentic shrunken head and skulls—mind-boggling visual illusions, and an array of the most unusual stuff in the Ripley’s Believe It or Not!® collection.

Journey Through the Galleries.

The Ripley’s Museum-Attraction consists of six galleries housing a unique collection of oddities: from micro-miniature sculptures invisible to the naked eye to the tallest man to ever live on the planet,as well as a fascinating collection of enormous dinosaur skeletons.

Robert Ripley’s Tribal / Jungle

Human Oddities

Ripley’s Warehouse

Ripley’s American & Arabian

Magical Studio

WOW Space Gallery

Lose Yourself in the Mirror Maze.

Come face-to-face with your reflection,as you find your way out of a labyrinth of mirrors and LED lights. Stuck for good? No worries.We send search parties every half hour to rescue those who cannot find the exit.

Ripley’s Store: Your One-Stop Shop for Anything Odd.

Bring amazement home with our fascinating collection of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!® merchandise.

Savor the Sweet Taste of Fascination.

Candy lovers rejoice! Ripley’s Candy Factory has got hundreds of your favorite candies that are sure to appeal to any sweet tooth.Make sure to stock up when you are there!

Book a School Trip Like No Other.

Oddly educational. Wonderfully interactive. Ripley’s Museum-Attraction allows students of all ages to discover and explore the unbelievable truths of our world. Our unfathomable collection is the ideal setting for students
to experience the most remarkable feats of science, history, artistry,
and humanity in a way that is both fun and engaging.

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