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Superloop Stunt Show


The Global Village stunt show returns with a massive new production. Gravity defying stunts are guaranteed to wow and amaze. Set in the near future, a band of crazy scavengers have taken over the Superloop power plant. Watch as our intrepid hero, Kate Skinner, the all action scientist is entangled in unbelievable stunts which include falls from high buildings, flame throwers, skidding cars as smoke pours from the tyres, a motorbike on a high wire and the death-defying stunt of driving a car upside down in the giant Superloop.

Guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush, the Superloop Stunt Show is one of the biggest shows of its type in the world.

Entry gives you a full seat, but you will only need the EDGE.

Superloop Stunt Show is included in the Global Village Entry Ticket.


The Stunt Show is open daily except Tuesdays.


Visit the events calendar to know the show time details.