Stage Shows

Hold on to your hats, because for Season 25, we’re introducing an all new array of world-class entertainment stage shows. With cutting-edge lighting, special FX and mind-bending stories,

Below are just some of the awe-inspiring stage shows that wowed crowds during Season 24:

Ballet Revolucion

What happens when some of the world’s most talented classical and contemporary
Dancers perform to the infectious rhythms of Latin-America and hits from from global stars such as Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes, Usher, Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran?
What happens when this hit international dance company mixes the dynamics of contemporary dance, brilliant ballet, powerful street dance and hip hop?
The result is an explosive, intensive, impressively athletic performance, full of raw energy with a distinctly Cuban flavour!

Bollywood Icon

Sibling rivalry comes to a head when cheeky young Ayaan decides to skip high-school for a day so that he can audition for Bollywood Icon. His sister Najya, a model student, is sick of him getting away with rule-breaking and sets out to derail his plans. With their headmaster in tow, a hilarious chase ensues, as Najya attempts to get Aayan caught in the act of his deception. Will Aayan make it to the audition or will his infamous luck finally run out?

Battle for the Block

There isn’t enough room on the block for two dance squads, so who will win the right to walk. The streets unchallenged? Against the back-drop of a stylised urban. Alleyway; two rival squads battle it out for dancing rights in their local “hood”. The squad with the best moves, the biggest tricks and the boldest attitude will rule the day; and neither side is prepared to lose. The battle is ON!


From the Philippines and appearing on last season’s Asia’s Got Talent, brand new dance group ‘Urban Crew Dancers’ showed off their talents to the judges. With Impressive choreography and unbelievable energy and bounce, this crew have a grand future!

The Enchanted Forest

If you go down to the woods today… be prepared for some very big surprises.
Red Riding Hood sets off into the woods and begins an adventure that will put her against some of fairyland’s most frightening creatures and villains.
Will she make it through the woods unharmed, or will the witches, wolves and forest demons ruin her happy-ever-after ending?


An incredibly colourful show! Visit 5 of the most amazing festivals in the world and enjoy a carnival of different themes, cultures and costumes all put together with stunning special effects

Kpop Krazy

This brand new musical show features the greatest hits of this phenomenal multi-billion
dollar industry and the true story of the meteoric rise of the man behind it all, BANG T MOON, the creator of every boy band and girl band who achieved their dream of fame in Korea!

African Footprint

An exhilarating journey through Africa’s history, Culture and spirit, its dancers, singers and drummers – drawn from South Africa’s cities, townships and rural areas alike. 20 years after its World Premiere, “African Footprint” continues to bring Something uniquely African to global audiences and is truly a show that Cannot be rivalled, and one that should not be missed.