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Wheel of the World

Global Village brings back the iconic Wheel of the World to the Carnaval. The 60-meter high wheel features a gigantic 50-meter LED screen to display a multitude of stunning displays including live scenes, shows and views of Dubai. You can get your fill of thrills as the Wheel soars above the park, offering stunning views of all the activities and glittering lights set against the Dubai skyline.

You can opt for a private Gondola with a maximum capacity of six people for a fixed fee of only AED 95. Alternatively, you can get an individual seat in a shared Gondola for AED 25* each. The ride takes 15 minutes and makes two rotations giving you ample time to marvel at the sweeping views over the city.

Payment can be made using your Carnaval Card, which is available at the Wheel of the World ticket counter, ticket counters throughout the Carnaval area, and at all Global Village Entrances.