Kids’ Theatre Shows

No matter your child’s age, we have shows for everyone – and every occasion. They’ll be transported to worlds of wonder, told tales of fascination, and never have their minds expanded like never before.

Here are just some of the shows from previous seasons that have been enjoyed by children of all ages and backgrounds:

PJ Masks

Join Catboy, Owlette and Gekko as they look for new recruits to join their Hero Training Session!

Learn how to become a PJ Hero, find out what it takes to save the day and get some insider tips on how working together as a team is the best way to get the best results!

We’ll test your super investigative powers as you try to name the night-time villains in our fun quiz and we’ll see which one of the PJ Heroes you are most like!

Do you have Super Cat Ears, can you do Super Cat Jumps and do you have Super Cat Speed like Catboy?

Or do you have Super Owl Eyes, Super Owl Vision and Super Flying Moves like Owlette?
Or are you good at hiding with Super Gekko Camouflage or Super Lizard Grip?
Whichever hero you are, you are sure to love this fun-filled, sing-a-long, dance-a-long, interactive show suitable for all PJ fans!

Chhota Bheem

It’s time for Bheem, Chutki and Jaggu to go on a brand new adventure… and it’s time for a trip to the Funfair!

Before they can play any games, our friendly three decide they are hungry and meet a Laddu seller – however they soon discover that these are no ordinary Laddus, they are, in fact, Fortune Laddus! Bheem and Chutki are very happy with their Fortune predictions, but Jaggu is a little skeptical until he starts winning prizes at all the Funfair games.

Jaggu takes the wording of his Fortune way too literally and is so worried about “washing away” his new found luck, that he vows never to take a bath again! He then meets a mysterious man who vows to make him rich, but is this man as trustworthy as he seems? Has Jaggu upset his real friends beyond repair? Will Bheem and Chutki save the day?

Find out in this charming new adventure, with great songs and lots of family fun!

Ben & Holly

“Somewhere hidden amongst thorny brambles is a little kingdom where everyone is very very small.”

In a show created especially for Global Village and based on a very popular episode from the hit TV series, meet Princess Holly, Ben the Elf, Gaston the pet Ladybird and their new friend, the vet.

Gaston is very reluctant to go for his check-up at the vet, but Ben convinces him that the vet is very friendly and there’s nothing to worry about… everything goes well, and Gaston is pronounced a fit and healthy ladybird!

But that won’t be Gaston’s only visit to the vet today, no sooner than they’ve got home, they have to go back to vet’s! Find out what happens when Gaston gets hit with a ball and then swallows the vet’s mobile phone!

Will the vet get his phone back in time to answer a call from the “Good with Animals” awards committee? Will he win the prize?

Find out in this charming family adventure. And for some extra magic, get a chance to meet Ben and Holly for photos and hugs, right after the show!

Angry Birds

Our favourite feathery friends Red, Chuck and Bomb decide that there must be more to life than just staying put on Bird Island, and they begin to dream of distant shores and amazing adventures. Having decided to try and discover if there is indeed a big wide world out there, they are struggling to realise their dreams. However, as luck would have it, they meet smooth talking Frederick Finklebottom who convinces the birds that they can make the money needed for their trip by performing for his tourists. Just as they think the plan is working, Red discovers a hidden camera placed by Finklebottom to spy on them and so it is time for our three heroes to do what they do best… hatch a plan to catch the villain!

Will they succeed? Will Finklebottom get away with it and steal all the money? Will the birds travel the world? Find out in this hilarious and egg-citing adventure!

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