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The memories you make at Ripley's Believe It Or Not!® are for keeps, but be sure to grab a souvenir from the merchandise store to commemorate your unforgettable experience and end your visit on a sweet note by stopping by Ripley’s Candy Factory.

Ripley’s Merchandise Store

What’s a visit without a souvenir or two to remember it by? Ripley’s Merchandise Store is bursting with a mix of bizarre mementos for you to take home with you or gift to someone else. Fancy a one-eyed dog? Or a two-headed parrot? Find handcrafted works of art, fun and curious collectibles, clothes, books, and more!

Ripley’s Candy Factory

Swing by Ripley’s Candy Factory to make all your sweet dreams come true. With its hundreds of varieties of candies, you can mix and match your favourite treats - the combinations are endless! The only problem will be finding a reason to leave.

Akhil s Jayaram 06 Apr 2021