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Care Bears


Step into a world of magic in this brand-new, unique production of the famous Care Bears. Bringing favourites like Grumpy, Funshines, Cheer, and Tenderheart to the stage. Follow them as they go up against big baddie Bluster who's set up an evil machine to plant more bad seeds. Will the Care Bears be able to stop him in time?

Mehak khalid 09 Apr 2021

Mohammed Al Aqeel 08 Apr 2021

sohaib butt 08 Apr 2021

great show

Walaa Ali 08 Apr 2021

تجربتي كانت رائعة واستمتعنا مع الاولاد

Saif Bataineh 08 Apr 2021

عرض رائع ومتميز

براء القدسي 08 Apr 2021

جميل ومسلي للاطفال

Hany Mossad 07 Apr 2021


Reem Almeer 07 Apr 2021

I enjoyed watching the show. It was very interesting

لطيفه احمد المرزوقي 07 Apr 2021

كان رائع والاطفال استمتعوا كثيرا

Anonymous 07 Apr 2021

Great show for kids

Saeed mohammed 06 Apr 2021


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