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Mission Speed


The Net Syndicate, a gang of ruthless hackers, have a plan to take over the world. For quite some time, they’ve been quietly smuggling in the necessary components to create a super router – a high-tech piece of equipment that will allow them to bypass any firewall and security system. They will gain access to sensitive information of all sorts and nothing will be able to stop them!

To stop the impending doom, North Rapids Police Department (NRPD) placed their finest detectives on the case, Detectives Abby Marshall and Frank Adams. They set up a sting operation to catch The Net Syndicate red-handed, but things took a turn for the worse and now the gang is on the run!

Watch the high-speed car chase unfold as the NRPD rev their engines, ensuing in a series of precision driving, explosions, high falls, all the while navigating around obstacles like fires and back-flipping bikes. At one point, the NRPD laid their hands on the super router only to realize it’s a decoy. With time running out, it’s time for the big guns to be rolled out – the Police Tank!

Will Detectives Marshall and Adams be able to secure the super router? Or will The Net Syndicate succeed in their nefarious plans? Tune in to catch the blazing end to this stunt show!

Note: Please arrive 30 minutes before the show time to avoid disappointment. Tickets purchased online are valid through-out the season and seats are available on a first come first-served basis. Daily shows except Tuesdays.

  • Stunt Arena
  • Family fun, no age restrictions
  • Cost - 10 Points
روزبة ناصيف 19 Apr 2021


sabrine zaagari 17 Apr 2021

روعه ماشاءالله

Jahanzeb Zaffar 16 Apr 2021

just wow


best show ever

Ala Rahem 11 Apr 2021


Ahmed Alamoodi 10 Apr 2021

A very nice and thrilling show

Anonymous 10 Apr 2021

good show for kids

Mona Alyassi 10 Apr 2021

رائع جدا

عيسى الحوسني 10 Apr 2021

العرض جدا ممتع و شيق

Anonymous 10 Apr 2021


Anonymous 10 Apr 2021

Very good

Nishad Abdul Majeed 10 Apr 2021

Amazing Show

Mahmoud Amer 09 Apr 2021

Nice show and amazing wther

hazem essam 09 Apr 2021

علي السماحي 09 Apr 2021

انه رائع

Saif Abdulaziz 09 Apr 2021

العاب مميزه

Muhammed Ashir.v 09 Apr 2021


Brandon .. 09 Apr 2021

Perfect game

Anonymous 09 Apr 2021

المكان فنان

Anonymous 09 Apr 2021

Awesome stunt show.

Walaa Abdelfattah w 09 Apr 2021

Manal 09 Apr 2021

It's amazing.. The best show which i ever whatched

feroz khaja khaja 08 Apr 2021

it was lovely to see all the stunts by the performers. Great show for kids and adults.

Feroz Khaja 08 Apr 2021

Very good

Ahmed Nemr 08 Apr 2021

القرية العالمية بدبي هي اصل الاستمتاع

Mohamed Nemr 08 Apr 2021

Very enjoy full and interesting

Hussein Saqfelhait 08 Apr 2021


Eman Abbas 08 Apr 2021

very nice

mai mattar 08 Apr 2021

good show

Anonymous 08 Apr 2021

Crazy stuff!!!

محمود بير 08 Apr 2021

رائعه جدا

Anonymous 07 Apr 2021

ممتع وعرض جميل يستحق المشاهده

Moulay Mrani 07 Apr 2021

great and impressive show for kids and adults!

ameer ghanem 07 Apr 2021

The show was amazing and the stunts were very professional, would definitely go again!

Nafissat Khasbulatova 07 Apr 2021

One of the best shows I ever watched. Acting, scenes and the show as a whole was just amazing!

Anonymous 07 Apr 2021


Ahmedahmed Afifi 07 Apr 2021

Very good show

Nir Karki 07 Apr 2021

It is excellent show. Enjoyed!

Myriam CISSE 07 Apr 2021

excellent show

Nidal Othman 07 Apr 2021

I really enjoyed it

Anonymous 07 Apr 2021

Some of the best stuntmen and women in this show. Must not miss.

Saeed mohammed 06 Apr 2021



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