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Happiness Street Festival

The one-of-a-kind street performance event, Happiness Fest, is coming back from 8 to 20 March. This first-of-its-kind festival features talented and unique artists from around the world, with street shows that are sure to leave audiences of all ages amazed and delighted. To celebrate International Women’s Day, the festival showcases some of the best female artists in the world, including magicians, clowns, acrobats, and gymnasts, each sharing their story through their chosen art form. Don't miss out on this fun-filled event, gather your friends and family and head to Global Village for a celebration of creativity and happiness!

Get involved on International Women’s Day

One of the missions of International Women's Day is to help increase the visibility of women creatives and promote their work so they gain more recognition, commercial projects and awards. Global Village is delighted to be doing our bit to promote female talent from all over the world with our Happiness Street Festival taking place from 8 March (International Women’s Day) to 20 March (International Happiness Day).

Billy Kidd, the magician

A world-class magician who excels in all types of magic, Billy Kidd is a witty and charming class act. Her sleight of hand skills as a close-up artist combined with her experience doing stage and street magic have taken her around the world. Expect a fun, interactive and mind-twisting show.

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Cata Catarsis circus comedy show

A bold, spontaneous and sensitive clown characterised by her charisma and charm, Cata will have you laughing until you cry. A circus performer who loves to improvise with her audience sharing some beautiful moments that will resonate in your heart for a long time.

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Street circus with Espuma Bruma

Lights, camera, action! She gets ready, combs her hair, and puts on her makeup. Stealthily she gets up the ropes looking and listening. What is she waiting for? Hat, cane, high heels on and crystal ball in tow, she balances as she dances the tango with such skill. The children that she will invite to play with her juggling clubs will enjoy the thrill. The giant bubble that she will create will mesmerise. Everything is in balance and everything she does is beautiful! Argentina’s Espuma Bruma is a must-watch!

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Unicyclist Mona Circo

A unicycle and a whip tag along with Mona in this journey of laughter and amazement, of incredible skill and silly clumsiness. Mona’s incredible act will transform the ideas in your mind and captivate you with her sense of humour and her dexterity.

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Bicycle acrobatics with Jessica Arpin

It's the story of a young woman deciding to use her last free hour before departing to be married. But not just to anyone! She organises a love contest to find out who, among the public, could become her ideal spouse. Two spectators propose themselves and are subjected to several fun trials as the young woman encourages them with her bicycle acrobatics and her strange upside-down talk. Who will she choose? Come on down to find out.

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Cirque du Julia

A stunning talent from Canada, Julia has been in performing arts her whole life starting with singing, then acting, improvisation and finally dancing. She ended up in the circus world gathering all her assets and honing her theatrical skills. She mostly performs German Wheel but she's also an incredible singer, handles fire and does Aerial Hoop.

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Farm-tastic gymnastics with Farmer’s Daughter

The Farmer's Daughter Show harvests bales of belly laughter and truckloads of fun. Farm-tastic gymnastics, rowdy rope tricking, and a one-of-a-kind milk bottle walk finale combine for an udderly amazing show (filled with corny humour). Yee haw!!

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Osvaldo Drevno, the Polish magician

With the help of his out-of-the-ordinary assistant, a chicken, the world-renowned magician Osvaldo Drevno is full of surprises with his outlandish and incredible illusions. He will stun the audience with his magic and create comic moments to suit audiences of all ages. This fantastic atmosphere is created by the nature of the puppets that are made of felt and hand-built by the manipulator and actress, Ola Muchi.

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Acrobatic archery with Sara Twister

A mind-blowing contortionist who balances on her arms and fires bows with her feet. Sara Twister will amaze the audiences with her unforgettable art of acrobatic archery, together with some edgy contortionist routines and spoken comedy. Her ‘Ready.Aim.Fire’ is a show that has something for everyone, and is guaranteed to WOW audiences of all ages.

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Theaker Von Ziarno, the aerial muse

With the use of aerial silk, Minerva transforms into a plane, then an old sailing ship; sometimes she becomes the ship and the point of departure is an ocean floor and a ship’s graveyard. With her unique way of storytelling, she pays homage to the one-way journey humans make when seeking a better life, often not for themselves but for their descendants. She is beautiful, fun, strong, and graceful and her show is ought to delight audiences like no other.

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