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Yahya (Thai Restaurant)


Thai Seafood at its best is the promise of this little gem of a restaurant. The Yahya menu is packed with flavour with top choices being the zingy soups and creamy curries.


Vamika Duggal 09 Apr 2021

It is a good restaurant.

Murshid Abdulhamid 08 Apr 2021


شيخه العاقل 08 Apr 2021

ولا غلطه الكل ع أصول وبالعافيه عليكم

رنيم العاقل المرشدي 08 Apr 2021

الاكل حلو

فتحيه العاقل 08 Apr 2021

اكل لذيذ وشهي

Anonymous 08 Apr 2021

رنيم العاقل المرشدي 08 Apr 2021

Amer aljassmi 07 Apr 2021


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