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The Cabanas at Global Village


Treat yourself to a premium experience by spending a relaxing day in the Cabanas at Global Village. Designed with the discerning visitor in mind, this experience combines privacy with the luxury of a private space replete with butler service. Whether you want to relax and retreat with the entire family or enjoy a private party with friends, the Cabanas at Global Village is the place to be this season! Each cabana can seat 8 people and can be booked for AED 150 per hour (additional AED 50 for first hour on Friday & Saturday) 7 days a week, book it once you reach Global Village at the Cabana counters, it's totally worth it!

  • Enjoy comfortable and private seating
  • Private butler service to meet all your needs
  • The menu at the Cabanas at Global Village has something to suit every palate


Anonymous 18 Nov 2022

الموقع غير جيد حيث روائح الطبخ ولا يوجد اي مناظر جميلة ومكشوف للجميع

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