Delicious Concepts

No matter your palate, Season 25 at Global Village has something that will leave your mouth watering, and tummy full.

Below are just some of the delicious concepts we had during Season 24:

Floating Market

Floating Market offers you an expedition on board its lovely boats, that will make your mind sail to the ends of Far East-Asian cultures. From the all authentic recipes of Thailand’s cuisine and famous customizable handicrafts, to the depths of Korea’s distant flavours and captivating Art, you will be presented with a cultural diversity that will fill your senses with adventure and discovery and grant you the Far East-Asian trip you have been waiting for.

What to expect at Floating Market: Thai herbal products. Thai beauty products. Thai coconut, Dragon fruit and Mango dishes. Spicy Far East-Asian grill. Asian seafood restaurants. Myanmar Restaurants. Philippines restaurant. Indonesian souvenirs.

Cuisine: Multi-cultural

Indian Chaat Bazaar

Indian Chaat Bazaar is the only pure vegetarian food Kiosk street in Global Village, that offers a variety of chaats and sweets directly from the colourful and vibrant street of India.

Cuisine: Indian (Vegetarian)

Deserts on Boat

Hungry for ice-cream? Get yourself a delicious ice-cream Taco or savour a wide range of unique slushes, and discover new treats and weekend surprises to satisfy your curious appetite.

Cuisine: Deserts

Fruit Bazar

Fruit Bazar is built under the theme and concept of the “Fruity Fantastic” to present the great tastes of Thai fruits. Fruit bazar’s all-you-can-eat style artistic presentation is innovative and delightful and offers a unique menu including Fruit Pizza, Fruit Sushi, Fruit Bingsu to name a few. Fruit Bazar’s presence in Global Village is exclusive and its concept and name does not exist anywhere else in the world.

Cuisine: Deserts

Salty Corn

Located right in front of Global Village’s Fountain, Salty Corn offers deliciously salty corn cooked entirely in salt as well as an exceptional whole boiled corn.