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Park Rules & Regulations

  • Entry tickets to the Park are only valid from October 29, 2019 until April 4, 2020, or such other designated season-end date as circumstances require.
  • Park opening hours are:
    • Saturdays to Wednesdays: 4PM – midnight.
    • Thursdays, Fridays & Public Holidays: 4PM –1 after midnight.
  • The Park entry ticket price is fifteen United Arab Emirates Dirhams (AED 15)*.
  • Children aged below three (3), senior citizens over the age of sixty five (65) and holders of People of Determination ID cards and one (1) carer, enter Global Village free of charge.
  • Each entry ticket is valid for one person, single entry to the park on its day of purchase. It is not valid for re-entries.
  • Global Village will not refund the cost of entry tickets under any circumstances. Their re-sale, duplication or reprinting is prohibited. Offenders will be subject to legal liability.
  • Entry tickets can be purchased at the designated Ticketing Booths. You must collect your entry tickets and any change before you leave the Ticketing Booth.  Global Village will not issue change afterwards under any circumstances.
  • Mondays are family days, when only families and ladies will be admitted to the Park. The only exception is if a Monday falls on a public holiday.
  • For safety reasons, children must wear safety wrist bands provided by the Ticketing Booths and Information Kiosks.
  • Guests must follow all posted and verbal safety instructions provided by Global Village staff.
  • Guests must meet all required height, health, size and age restrictions for all attractions, rides and games.
  • Animals/pets are not allowed inside the Park.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Fun Fair, restaurants and any other designated Park area.
  • Wheeled devices (for example roller skates, skate boards, hover boards, bicycles, and tricycles) are not allowed inside the Park.
  • Global Village reserves the right to inspect all guests’ bags. Travel luggage/suitcases are not allowed in the Park.
  • Guests are responsible for their own personal property. Global Village is not responsible or liable for any personal property that is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • The public display of affection is not allowed and indecent behavior (for example kissing and hugging) is strictly forbidden.
  • Respectful attire (covered torso, including shoulders and covered legs, including knees) must be worn by male and female guests at all times.
  • Global Village reserves the right to change Park opening times or temporarily close shows, attractions, rides or facilities because of safety or maintenance issues or private events, without prior notice or compensation.
  • Global Village reserves the right to deny Park entry to any ticket holder and to remove any guest from the Park for any reason (for example being a safety risk to other guests, affecting other guests’  enjoyment of the Park and adversely affecting the Park’s operation) and to take appropriate action to enforce this right, without refund or compensation.
  • The Park is a tourist destination where filming and photography can take place at any time. By entering the Park you irrevocably consent to and authorize Global Village, its successors and assigns to photograph you and/or make sound recordings of you to use worldwide, for any purpose whatsoever, in perpetuity, all such photographs and sound recordings to be the sole property of Global Village. If you wish to avoid the possibility of being photographed, please do not enter the Park or, if you do, express your wish to the filmer/photographer.
  • Global Village reserves the right to refuse admission to, or eject from, the Park any guest who is in breach of any of these Terms & Conditions.


*Ticket price is inclusive of 5% VAT