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Carnaval, a brand new Funfair Experience.

With 28 exhilarating rides for families, children and thrill seekers, 34 skill games for high for challenge seekers, and more than 100 Arcade games in a  unique Arcade building is what our visitors will experience when they visit our all-new Carnaval Funfair, which will make them keep coming back for more.

There are a number of themed exhilarating rides and skill games from the most famous cities in the world to reflect Global Village brand of bringing the  world together all in one place. But if you aren’t a big fan of heights or speed, there are plenty of other fun things to experience such as the Escape Hunt, Shooting Zone, Virtual Reality Circus and many more.
The Carnaval will keep you entertained for hours with its colorful Carousel, 85-meter Drop Tower, Bungee for the kids and tons of skilled games where you  get a chance to take home cuddly plush toys and cute stuffed animals. Carnaval certainly completes the fun-filled, wholesome family day out experience at Global Village.

Carnaval Card and Bonus Scheme:



Thrill Rides

Fly France  

Fly France


Global Burj

Global Burj





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